The Playstation 4 Could Bring 3D Gaming To The Mainstream Market

3d gaming

I recently loaded up Trine 2 on the PS4 and I was greeted with a message informing me that a 3D display had been detected and if I would like to enable 3D. I wasn’t aware there were any games on the PS4 that supported 3D so I quickly hit yes and loaded up the game in 3D.

3D Settings

There were quite a few games on the PS3 that had 3D support, but the hardware limitations of the system really held the technology back. Jaggies and 3D don’t work well together and this was one of the major factors that killed 3D on the PS3. We are now in a new console generation and with it come consoles with increased power. This means games in 1080p and more importantly no jaggies! Trine 2 is currently the only PS4 game that has 3D support. It’s hard to know if there will be many more in the future, but I will be keeping my fingers crossed because 3D on the PS4 is fantastic!


Trine 2 looks amazing on the PS4. The visuals are clean and sharp, the colors are strong and vibrant, and the environment contains a large amount of detail. Enabling 3D enhances these qualities with no drawbacks at all. You get a strong sense of depth from the background environment with birds occasionally flying out of these areas making it feel alive rather than being a static background. The biggest drawback to 3D gaming in the past was the resolution. Most PS3 games struggle to run in 720p. When enabling 3D the resolution would usually dip ruining the experience. This is no longer the case when playing Trine 2 on the PS4. There does appear to be minor visual flaws ,but they are very minor and you would be nit picking to really have a problem. Trine 2 has delivered a 3D experience that we wish we could have gotten from the PS3. If more titles are released that have 3D support like Trine 2 it would really push the 3D experience out to more gamers. Technology still needs to speed up a bit before we can truly enjoy 3D, but for now 3D on the Playstation 4 shows that it can be done right without causing a negative effect on the picture quality. The Playsation 4 has what it takes to fix the bad reputation 3D has been given over the past few years. With more titles shipping with support we could see a strong push to finally get 3D to stick.

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