The Definitive Guide to Beer Pong

Beer Pong

All hail Beer Pong, the king of drinking games. The game of kings (college kings, at least). It’s a game of skill, a game of chance, a game of soaking ping-pong balls in cheap beer. But more than anything, it’s a game of fun and camaraderie. So grab your red solo cups, your mates, and let’s dive into everything you need to know about this critically important sport.

The Set-Up

The arena for the game is nothing more than a simple 8-foot table, festooned with 12 red Solo cups arranged in a pyramid formation (4-3-2-1), standing at each far end of the table. Fill these cups up with your beverage of choice, but tradition and the game’s namesake suggest you go with beer.

You’ll also need plenty of ping pong balls, because, well… people’s aim gets worse the longer the game goes on.

The Rules of Beer Pong

There are many rules available – as many as there are college campuses, probably – but here are the basics to get you started:

  1. Form two teams of two, one at each end of the table. The aim of the game is to toss the pong balls into the cups on the opposite side of the table.
  2. Each team takes turns throwing the ball. If they succeed, the opposing team drinks the contents of the cup. The cup is then removed from the table. Should both team members sink a ball in the same turn, they are rewarded with a bring-back, and get to go again.
  3. The opponents are allowed to ‘swat’ away bounced attempts, but only after the ball has hit the table. Straight shots cannot be interfered with.
  4. When the last cup in the pyramid is hit, the opposing team has a chance to ‘rebuttal’, where each player can continue shooting until they miss.
  5. If they make all remaining cups, it goes into overtime, with the setup as determined by house rules. If not, the game ends.

beer pong table

Throwing Techniques Mastering All the Shots

From arc shots to bounce shots, Beer Pong is about your strategy and throwing technique as much as it is about luck and the beer you’re drinking. Let’s dive a bit deeper into the art of the toss and look at a few more ways to get that little white ball into the cup.

  1. Arc Shot: As described before, the arc shot involves a high trajectory so that the ball will fall directly into the cup. This is the most commonly used shooting technique due to its simplicity and effectiveness.
  2. Sniper Shot: As mentioned earlier, the sniper shot is all about power and precision. This requires a direct throw with no arc. The aim is to get the ball into the cup without it touching the rim of the cup. The sniper might be more difficult, but can be devastatingly effective!
  3. Bounce Shot: Somewhere between the arc and the sniper shot lies the bounce shot. The bounce shot entails bouncing the ball on the table and into a cup. Although risky and susceptible to defensive swats from opponents, if your shot lands, your opponents must drink two cups instead of one, as per the most common rules.
  4. Fastball: This is essentially a hard, fast, straight shot toward the cups. It’s a challenging shot that requires both skill and luck. But due to its surprising speed, the opponents have less time to react if you would like to go for an unexpected bounce shot.
  5. Curve Shot: Sometimes the direct line to the cup might be blocked – maybe by a physical object or an intimidating opponent. That’s when you curve it. Your wrist action will determine the curve. Right-handed players usually find it easier to curve left to right and vice versa.
  6. Behind-the-Back Shot: If you find that regular shots aren’t challenging enough or you want to impress your friends, try a behind-the-back shot. After you miss your regular shot, you get a chance to throw the ball again but this time behind your back!

Remember practice is key. The more time you spend mastering these shots, the more likely you are to become the legend of your next Beer Pong tournament. Remember to enjoy the game and drink responsibly. Happy Ponging!

Your Ultimate Beer Pong Strategy

Just like chess, Beer Pong is a game of strategy (okay, that might be a stretch). But each game begins with the ‘Eyes’, where you lock eyes with your opponent before the first shot. It’s said that the winner of the ‘Eyes’ will win the game… or at least, it will freak out your opponent a little.

Remember, it might be fun to play hero and take shot after shot, but consistent misses will only aid in your team’s inevitable deterioration due to increased alcohol consumption. Go for accuracy, not speed!

Well, there you have it, everything that would get you started on your glorious Beer Pong journey. Now remember, the primary objectives of the game are to have fun, drink responsibly, and of course, practice good sportsmanship. Always clean your balls (in the sanitation water provided, hopefully), and after all, it ain’t over until the last cup’s gone, so don’t lose hope!

Now go ahead, make those pyramids, throw those balls, and show Beer Pong what you’re made of! It’s an art, a sport, and a great reason to spend the night with friends. Happy ponging!

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