It’s only a short while that Apple released it’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus yet we are looking towards 2017 with some speculation as to what the company is going to offer us in its celebratory year.

It seems almost inconceivable that it was only ten years ago that the first generation of the iPhone was released on the general public and since then whenever a new phone or update is due the internet is full of rumours and hype.

To some this excitement appears over-the-top but when you think how many people now own a smartphone combined with how personalised those phones are it begins to make sense that if you love your phone, use it everyday and in fact rely on it for certain activities that the proposition of a new or better phone generates great excitement.

There is nothing else that is so portable where you can save the world from imminent alien attack, play at your favourite casino like Fruity King, browse and pay for goods and services whenever and wherever you choose and now more people access the internet than use their laptops or desktop for the same services.

This move towards the mobile has been taken very seriously by some companies and if you take the gambling industry as an example of this then it soon becomes apparent that many online sites are geared towards the mobile user with some being dedicated mobile sites.  There will always be a place for regular online casino sites where you can play via your computer or download the mobile app but as with anything evolution will carry on and we should see more and more dedicated mobile online casinos as their popularity increases even more.

The smartphone offers an excellent way to enjoy games including those casino games we so enjoy and along with the advancement in technology goes the advancement of the games software.

With Apple planning a major redesign it is expected to increase the playability o games even more with an OLED display and a faster A11 processor with edge to edge display.  The phone is also expected to boast a glass body, camera and touch ID integration in the display.  It is also thought that there will be no home button and charging will be wireless with three models one being OLED and the other two standard.

If the rumours are correct the radical redesign of the iPhone will also have an edge to edge display which loses the top and bottom bezels and as Jony Ive has wanted the iPhone to look like a single sheet of glass for quite a few years this next release might just be the one he has envisioned.

Whether the display would take up the entire front of the iPhone 8 with it growing to fit or the iPhone reduces in size to fit the display isn’t clear as yet, but for gamers and those that access their online casinos the former would be the preferable.

The new iPhone is still in development and will probably be launched in the autumn of 2017.  Until then we are just going to have to wait for speculations from those in the know, leaked information (both real and fake!) and the roller coaster of rumours and hypes that will certainly surround the new device.

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