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PlayStation Trophy System Has Fallen Behind

The Xbox 360 launched with an achievement system built into the operating system. Every single game supported achievements and people quickly got...
Cross Buy Platinum Trophies

Easy Cross Buy Platinums (Vita and PS4)

Cross buy platinums are highly sought after in the trophy hunting community.  Buy a game on the PS4 and you also get the game...
Double Platinum

15 Games With a Double Platinum ( Vita & PS4)

A double platinum is a gem in the trophy hunting community. What it normally means is that a game that was released on the...
1 hour platinum trophy

12 PS4 Games You Can Platinum In An Hour

If you are looking to get some quick platinum trophies then this list is going to help you out a lot. No need to...
Walking Dead trophies

Playstations Trophy Rarity System Is Pointless

I was recently looking through the trophies for a game and thought that the rarity indicators seemed a bit weird. First of all I...

Im Sick of Beating Games on Hard For Trophies or Achievements

With starting any article that involves trophies or achievements, I feel I always need to defend myself from the most common response. Yes I...