How Do You Use Grenades With The Shotgun?

How are you meant to shoot grenades with the Shotgun in Half-Life: Alyx? There is no additional inventory slot to equip them from.

How Do You Drive The Tractor?

How do you make the move? I have built one and when i sit in it, i can't get it to move anywhere?

Is There a Quick Way To Take A Screenshot On Xbox One?

Is there a quick way or a button shortcut to take a screenshot on the Xbox One instead of using the xbox menu?

Remapping the jump button?

How do you remap the jump button in neon abyss to be a regular button on the controller?

How do you use the grapple without being in the air?

How do you attach a hook to the grapple points in Ghost of Tsushima when you are not already in the air and swinging? Can you do it while standing?
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Remapping Last of Us Part 2 Controls

The control scheme in Last of Us Part 2 takes a bit of getting used to from the default settings. R2 to reload, L1 to sprint and dodge. Even after some time, when put under pressure, you might find yourself...

Red grated with use crush to open?

How do you break through the red gates that say use crush to open?

How do you jump?

How do you make your character jump in Final Fantasy VII remake

How do you reverse a wagon?

How do you make the carts and wagons go backwards if you get stuck in red dead redemption 2?

How do you slow your horse down?

How do you stop the horse from running in red dead redemption 2. Is there a way to slow horses down