Suck and Blow: The Mouth to Mouth Drinking Game

The Mouth to Mouth Drinking Game

Introducing Suck and Blow, an exciting medley of sociable interactions, light-hearted competition, and jovial drinking! Looking to infuse your get-together with a vivacious flair of novelty and fun? Gather your spirited group of pals, ready your deck of cards, and gear up your favorite beverages. It’s time to step into the fantastic frenzy of Suck and Blow!

Setting Up the Game

Getting ready for Suck and Blow involves:

  1. Assembling a lively mix of friends who are ready for a healthy dose of laughter, competition, and camaraderie.
  2. Ensuring you have a deck of cards handy and enough space to form a comfortably tight circle.
  3. Making sure you have an assortment of beverages available to satisfy all tastes and preferences.

Game Rules

Bring the zest to your party with these Suck and Blow rules:

  1. Position and Pass: Players stand in a circle and start passing a card from mouth to mouth using only suction.
  2. Drop and Drink: If the card drops while being passed, the two people on either side of the drop must take a drink.

Custom Rules for Nonstop Merriment

Introduce these dynamic rules for unlimited entertainment:

  1. Card of Fate: Use face cards to assign special rules. For example, if the card dropped is a Queen, the drinkers may choose another player to join their drink.
  2. Rotation Revel: Rotate directions after each drink, alternating between clockwise and counter-clockwise.
  3. Double Trouble: Use two cards circulating the circle at once for an added layer of complexity.
  4. Time Twist: Introduce a timer. If the card doesn’t make a full round before time runs out, everyone takes a sip.
  5. Wildcard Wager: Make the jokers wild. If a joker drops, everyone in the circle must drink, turning the stakes up a notch.

Playing Suck and Blow Responsibly

  1. Transparency: Make sure everyone understands the game rules and is comfortable with them before starting.
  2. Inclusive Options: Provide alternatives for people who aren’t keen on alcoholic drinks. This ensures everyone can participate and have fun.
  3. Controlled Celebration: Encourage responsible drinking. The goal is to have an enjoyable, memorable time, not overconsume.

Embrace the rollicking ride of Suck and Blow, a thrilling fusion of creative card play, contagious laughter, and cordial drinking! This playful game stirs up the energy, gets people interacting, and adds an invigorating twist to any social event. So gather your gang of good-natured friends, draw from a deck of cards, have your toasting glasses at the ready, and dive into the remarkable whirl of Suck and Blow!

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