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Are you a game developer or publisher looking to spread the word of your latest video game? If so, then you are more than welcome to publish a press release on this website to promote the game. To submit a press release, complete the form below. All submissions are manually verified. Spam requests will be ignored.

Submission Rules

Unfortunately, due to a lot of people submitting content for things that are nothing to do with the content covered on this site, I need to add some rules. Before you submit a post, please ensure that you tick all of the boxes. Any submissions that do not, will be ignored.

  1. Content must be directly related to video games.
  2. No streamers! This Isn’t a place to promote your channel.
  3. You must be responsible for the PR of the product you are asking me to promote.
  4. Any images included must be owned by you. I can’t risk copyright infringement lawsuits.
  5. The press release must be provided in the form of a Google Docs document. The URL must be provided in the form below.