Zombo Buster Rising Achievement List

The Marksman The Marksman
Unlock the Sniper.
The Bombard The Bombard
Unlock the Rocketeer.
Zombie Parade Zombie Parade
Have the Gunner kill 500 zombies.
Sniper Mystery Sniper Mystery
Have the Sniper kill 500 zombies.
Rocketeer Madness Rocketeer Madness
Have the Rocketeer kill 500 zombies.
Infinity Bullets Infinity Bullets
Have the Gunner shoot 1000 bullets.
Silent Shooter Silent Shooter
Have the Sniper shoot 750 bullets.
Bomb Addict Bomb Addict
Have the Rocketeer shoot 500 rockets.
Stunning Shooter Stunning Shooter
Have the Gunner stun 200 zombies.
Dragunov Effect Dragunov Effect
Have the Sniper shoot through 100 zombies.
Portable Katyusha Portable Katyusha
Have the Rocketeer shoot 50 extra rockets.
Big Bang Big Bang
Use Bomb of Duty 50 times.
Tic Toc Tic Toc
Use Time Machine 35 times.
The Call Down The Call Down
Use Air Strike 20 times.
Guerella Trooper Guerella Trooper
Rescue 15 refugees in total.
Like A Sir Like A Sir
Acquire all gems.
Attack on Giant Attack on Giant
Kill 100 giant zombies.
Airbone Airbone
Kill 100 flying zombies.
Evil Resident Evil Resident
Kill 1500 zombies in total.
Piece of Cake Piece of Cake
Have 500 critical shots in total.
Colossal Zombie Colossal Zombie
Defeat Zombogod.
Let's Talk About Life Let’s Talk About Life
Defeat Zombogod with perfect life.
Moneyman Moneyman
Have 10000 gold.
Captain ZBR Captain ZBR
Fully upgrade all characters.