Zombies on a Plane Achievement List

Unlock Character Unlock Character
Unlock Brett by accumulating 1,000,000 points
Unlock Plane Unlock Plane
Unlock the 3rd aircraft liveary slot by accumulating 500,000 points
Get x50 Combo Get x50 Combo
Stack up a high combo of x50
Kill 10 000 Zombies Kill 10 000 Zombies
Rid the skies of zombies
Crash the plane Crash the plane
Crash into a ship, an island or the sea
Complete All Waves Complete All Waves
Finish all 10 waves in either ‘Defend the Cockpit’ or ‘Flight of 10 Waves’
Unlock Flamethrower Unlock Flamethrower
Reach 20,000 score in shooting modes
Repair a Part Repair a Part
Press repair key to repair a damaged part
Survive for 60 minutes Survive for 60 minutes
Stay alive in either ‘Survive the Horde’ or ‘Flight of Survival’ for 60 whole minutes