ZombieRush Achievement List

Pioneer Pioneer
Run the first level
Rueful Rueful
To lose 10 times
Desperate Desperate
To lose a hundred times
First steps First steps
Pass the first level
The game started The game started
Pass the second level
3 times easily 3 times easily
Go through the first 3 levels
Thirst for adventure Thirst for adventure
Get past the first world
Halfway behind Halfway behind
Go through the second world
Nerd! Nerd!
Complete all worlds
Collector Collector
To collect 50 units of food
Cool collector! Cool collector!
To collect 200 units of food
Ruthless collector! Ruthless collector!
To collect 500 units of food
Start small Start small
To score 25 units of food in the fourth level
The spirit of collector The spirit of collector
Collect 77 of sweets on 10th level
As much as possible! As much as possible!
Collect 5 units of food on 14th level