Zombie Wars: Invasion Achievement List

Zombie Master Zombie Master
Complete level with 3 stars
Anti Zombie Forces ! Anti Zombie Forces !
Complete All Levels !
Dangerous Mission ! Dangerous Mission !
Complete level with 3 stars on Hard Mode
Code Name: The Cleaner Code Name: The Cleaner
Complete all levels Hard Mode
Medal of Honor Medal of Honor
Complete all levels with 3 stars
Prepare for battle ! Prepare for battle !
First upgrade towers
Master of Defense Master of Defense
Upgrade all towers level 5
Gun Master Gun Master
Upgrade Minigun to level 5
Ice Master Ice Master
Upgrade Ice Tower to level 5
Tesla Master Tesla Master
Upgrade Tesla to level 5
Flame Master Flame Master
Upgrade Flame tower to level 5
Anti Flying Zombies Anti Flying Zombies
Upgrade Aircraft to level 5
Sniper Sniper
Upgrade Sniper to level 5