Zombie Kill of the Week – Reborn Achievement List

Poppi'n Heads! Poppi’n Heads!
Get 100 headshots in one match.
Medic! Medic!
Help your friend in need.
I'm Rich! I’m Rich!
Own atleast 5000$ in one match
Blood Waster! Blood Waster!
Fight your way to round 20.
Such An Meaty Strike! Such An Meaty Strike!
Get 5 meats in a single game from the fridge.
Get Your Hands Dirty! Get Your Hands Dirty!
Kill 15 zombies with a katana, and 25 with saw in one match.
Rank 10! Rank 10!
Get promoted to rank 10.
Rank 30! Rank 30!
Get promoted to rank 30.
One Hour! One Hour!
You have played ZKW for an hour.
5 Hours! 5 Hours!
You have wasted 5 hours of your life.
10 Hours! 10 Hours!
And still going?
15 Hours! 15 Hours!
Go see your friends!
Get Back In Da Grave! Get Back In Da Grave!
Slaughter 5000 zombies in total.
I Told You To Get Back! I Told You To Get Back!
Slaughter 10 000 zombies in total.
Hack'n Slash! Hack’n Slash!
Slice 53 zombies in one match.
Tank Dispencer! Tank Dispencer!
Encounter all 3 tanks, and get them killed.
You Smell That? You Smell That?
Grill 50 zombies with flame in a single match.
Ima Fire With Mah Lazor! Ima Fire With Mah Lazor!
Get the GiGaGirlGannon, and kill 10 zombies within 10 seconds.
Mah Boomstick! Mah Boomstick!
Get a shotgun, and make 20 zombies crawl in front of you.
I Want To Be Free! I Want To Be Free!
Open all areas in a single match.
I'm Not A Wise Man! I’m Not A Wise Man!
Get yourself killed with a grenade. Dumbass.
Where Am I Going? Where Am I Going?
Stand still for 30 seconds, wondering about your life.
Hide And Seek! Hide And Seek!
Find the fridge and make it disappear. Repeat 3 times.
Air Kill! Air Kill!
Zombies are not ment to fly.
Taxidermy! Taxidermy!
Kill the zombie bear before he takes your money.
Feeling Sick! Feeling Sick!
Survive 4 minutes in Abandoned Hospital. (Challenge mode)
Getting Colder! Getting Colder!
Survive 4 minutes in RedSnow. (Challenge mode)
Black Friday! Black Friday!
Survive 4 minutes in Night At The Mall. (Challenge mode)
Sacrilege! Sacrilege!
Survive 4 minutes in Arise. (Challenge mode)
Rocket Scientist! Rocket Scientist!
Survive 4 minutes in Area 73. (Challenge mode)
Showdown! Showdown!
Survive 4 minutes in Homerun. (Challenge mode)