Zombie Grinder Achievement List

Zombinator Zombinator
Kill 53,598 Zombies!
Bronzish Bronzish
Get a score over 1,000,000.
Can't Touch This Can’t Touch This
Survive a wave game until wave 50.
Cheater Cheater
Level 99? Dirty cheater …
Long Distance Cremationship Long Distance Cremationship
Ignite 100 zombies from 128 pixels away!
F**king Developers F**king Developers
Kill one of the developers.
Dick Dick
Why would you do that!?
Eagle Eye Eagle Eye
50 shots and no hits? Great shooting man.
Deathmaster Deathmaster
You died like 501 times?
Frigid Frigid
Freeze 100 zombies!
Gleaming Gold Gleaming Gold
Get a score of over 1,000,000,000.
Headshot Honcho Headshot Honcho
Explode 100 heads!
The Law of Love The Law of Love
Heal 10,000 hit points!
The Gift of Love The Gift of Love
Heal 50,000 hit points!
The Power of Love The Power of Love
Heal 100,000 hit points!
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Heal 1,000,000 hit points!
Anti-Oniomania Anti-Oniomania
Fill your wallet with 500,000 gold!
Ice And Fire Ice And Fire
Ignite 5 frozen enemies.
I Hate Boxes I Hate Boxes
You sure do like destroying stuff don’t you?
It's Hot In Here! It’s Hot In Here!
Ignite 100 zombies!
Mammy Mammy
Crash the game because you suck!
Pixel Pusher Pixel Pusher
Travel 1,000,000 pixels!
Going Higher! Going Higher!
Get a multiplier of 10x.
Get It Up! Get It Up!
Get a multiplier of 5x.
Such Multipler, Much Wow Such Multipler, Much Wow
Get a multiplier of 15x.
n00b n00b
Kill 1 zombie!
Owned! Owned!
Kill 10 human players.
The Penetrator The Penetrator
Penetrate 5 or more enemies with a bullet!
Winner! Winner!
Get into the top 10 for any map.
Red Mist Red Mist
One explosion 3 kills.
Saviour Saviour
Bring a homie back from the afterlife!
Silver Silver
Get a score over 10,000,000.
The Ghost Is Clear! The Ghost Is Clear!
Free 20 players from their spirit forms!
Trick Shot Trick Shot
100 rebound kills? Sweeeeet.
You played the game for 60 minutes without crashing?
Zombie Grinder Zombie Grinder
Survive till wave 30!
Zombie Killer Zombie Killer
Survive till wave 10!
Zombie Master Zombie Master
Survive till wave 20!
Dungeon Crawler Dungeon Crawler
Get through 1 level of a random dungeon!
Dungeon Master Dungeon Master
Get through 5 levels of a random dungeon!
Dungeon Boss Dungeon Boss
Get through 10 levels of a random dungeon!
I Made A Thing! I Made A Thing!
Submit an item to the workshop!