Zombie Gotchi Achievement List

It's a Boy! It’s a Boy!
You have gotten a Boy!
It's a Girl! It’s a Girl!
You have gotten a Girl!
Rest in Pieces! Rest in Pieces!
Didn’t liked your Zombie?
Eternal Love! Eternal Love!
It will survive you!
28 Minutes Later! 28 Minutes Later!
Still no sign of life!
Got a Flu! Got a Flu!
Yay, Zombies get ill?
Flys Baby! Flys Baby!
They looking friendly!
One Step Left to Fly! One Step Left to Fly!
There is something in there!
10 Games Won! 10 Games Won!
Happy Happy Happy!
10 Games Lost! 10 Games Lost!
Looks like your Brain next!
Tutorial! Tutorial!
You survived the Tutorial!
Afro Power! Afro Power!
Best Hair Ever!
Brains! Brains!
Conveyor! Conveyor!
Do you remember?
Oh a Bunny! Oh a Bunny!
Yummy, Bunny!
Rock, Paper, Zombie! Rock, Paper, Zombie!
Let’s battle!
Come get some! Come get some!
Did you hit?
I'm Away! I’m Away!
I can see living People!
Home Sweet Home! Home Sweet Home!
Coming Home!
Still Alive! Still Alive!
Did i meant “Alive”?
Crazy Racer! Crazy Racer!
Snack Bubble!