Zero Punctuation: Hatfall – Hatters Gonna Hat Edition Achievement List

Hat-equate Hat-equate
Collected 10 Hats during normal gameplay
Hat-vancing Hat-vancing
Collected 100 Hats during normal gameplay
Hat-tacular Hat-tacular
Collected 1000 Hats during normal gameplay
Hat-tality Hat-tality
Collected 5000 Hats during normal gameplay
Sleeping On The Job Sleeping On The Job
The player has caught a hat without moving from their starting position
Stovepipe Stovepipe
Get impaled by an item above 100 times during gameplay
Flat Cap Flat Cap
Get squashed 100 times by an item above during gameplay
The Sorcerer’s Annoyance The Sorcerer’s Annoyance
Encountered the Wizard 50 times
Calm Down Dear Calm Down Dear
Successfully calmed the wizard 50 times
Well-Read Well-Read
The user allowed all of the text in the Story Screen Minigame to pass before catching the hat
Identity Crisis Identity Crisis
The player has purchased and unlocked their first alter-ego from the Shop
How To Win Friends And Sacrifice People How To Win Friends And Sacrifice People
The player has purchased and unlocked all alter-egos from the Shop
Wait What Wait What
Unlocked upon first play of any Hatfall mini game
The Fun Never Stops The Fun Never Stops
Played all mini games at least once
Fedorable Fedorable
Affection meter hit maximum
No Foreplay No Foreplay
The user elected to violate Hatchan immediately
Rise Of The Hat Lord Rise Of The Hat Lord
Collected enough hats to bring about the end of the world