ZAMB! Biomutant Extermination Achievement List

The One Hundred and Eighty The One Hundred and Eighty
Score PWNAGE 60 times.
The Three Hundred and Sixty The Three Hundred and Sixty
Score Massive PWNAGE 60 times.
The Five Hundred and Forty The Five Hundred and Forty
Score Total PWNAGE 60 times.
Alchemist Alchemist
Score 50 Toxic Energy Combos
Electrified Electrified
Score 50 Electric Blast Combos
Snowball Snowball
Score 50 Cold Strike Combos
Unstable Unstable
Score 50 Frenzy Combos
Blob Blob
Score 50 Cold Plasma Combos
Yeti Yeti
Score 50 Frost Bitten Combos
Zeus Zeus
Score 50 Lightning Bolt Combos
Chemist Chemist
Score 50 Molecular Combos
Wrestler Wrestler
Score 50 Double Impact Combos
Freezer Freezer
Score 50 Space Cold Combos
Robotics Robotics
Destroy 300 Sentry Bots of all types.
Evil Child Evil Child
Exterminate 150 Mutant Ants.
Evil Kid Evil Kid
Exterminate 1500 Atomic Ants.
Pop! Pop!
Exterminate 180 Exploder Ticks.
Extinguisher Extinguisher
Exterminate 420 Fire Scorpios.
Mobility Mobility
Exterminate 160 Paralyze Scorpios.
Sting Sting
Exterminate 380 Toxic Wasps.
Thaw Thaw
Exterminate 150 Frost Wasps.
Armor-piercing Armor-piercing
Exterminate 60 Tank Bugs.
Crusher Crusher
Exterminate 70 Crusher Bugs.
Untouchable Untouchable
Exterminate 80 Spitters.
Trebuchet Trebuchet
Destroy 50 Tower type enemies.
Stars My Destination Stars My Destination
Complete all stages with at least 3/6 Stars score.
You're an All-Star You’re an All-Star
Complete all stages with the 6/6 Stars score.
Money, Money, Money Money, Money, Money
Collect 100 000 units of Crystal Energy
Critical Mass Critical Mass
Finish a stage with critical health level
Last Man Standing Last Man Standing
Finish a stage when one character is down
I've Got The Power! I’ve Got The Power!
Buy all upgrades of a single power
Turret Syndrome Turret Syndrome
Buy all upgrades of a single turret
Unlimited Power! Unlimited Power!
Buy all upgrades to all the powers
Master Engineer Master Engineer
Buy all upgrades to all the turrets
And you, Brutus? And you, Brutus?
Kill your partner
Rise, Lazarus! Rise, Lazarus!
Respawn your partner
I'm a Big Boy now! I’m a Big Boy now!
Compete a level without building turrets
Overpowered Overpowered
Compete a level without buying powers
Three-Way Pwnage Three-Way Pwnage
Create at least one PWNAGE of each kind during a stage
Barrel Master Barrel Master
Create a PWNAGE of your choice with a barrel
1UP! 1UP!
Level up during a stage
Super Cye-an Super Cye-an
Charge Cye’s Boost bar completely and use it
Cye-pper Cye-pper
Reach the limit of planted traps in a stage.
Chrome the Destroyer Chrome the Destroyer
Charge Chrome’s Boost bar completely and use it
Chrome The Builder Chrome The Builder
Reach the limit of built turrets in a stage.
The Beat-em-alls The Beat-em-alls
Beat all levels