Z Achievement List

Grab 10 Grab 10
10 Territories have been captured
Grab 100 Grab 100
100 Territories captured
Battleground Perfection Battleground Perfection
Completed a battle without any losses
Win all levels. Win all levels.
Single player game completed
Build and place a Gattling Build and place a Gattling
Gattling gun use this against infantry
Build a Gun Build a Gun
Gun Turret: Defence against light armour
Build a Howitzer Build a Howitzer
Howitzer: Strong defence against all attackers
Build a Grunt Unit Build a Grunt Unit
Built a Grunt, grab those grenades
Build a Psycho Unit Build a Psycho Unit
Build a Psycho, good fighters capable of rapid firing
Build a Tough Unit Build a Tough Unit
Build a Tough and launch a deadly rocket attack
Build a Sniper Unit Build a Sniper Unit
Build a Sniper, runs fast and shoots from a long range
Build a Pyro Unit Build a Pyro Unit
Pyros burn and burn some more
Build a Laser unit Build a Laser unit
Lasers can cut through anything
Build a Jeep Build a Jeep
Jeep are fast moving but easy to kill
Build an A.P.C. Build an A.P.C.
A.P.C. is a deadly Troop Transport
Build a Light Tank Build a Light Tank
Light Tanks are fast and deadly. Avoid big guns
Build a Medium Tank. Build a Medium Tank.
Medium Tanks are great all purpose vehicle
Build a Heavy Tank Build a Heavy Tank
Heavy Tanks are slow but very powerful
Build a Multi-Missile Carrier Build a Multi-Missile Carrier
Mobile Missile, why fire one when you can fire three?
Build a Double Missile Launcher Build a Double Missile Launcher
Double Missile Launchers are an awesome defence against everything.
Hot Rocks Hot Rocks
Volcanic World conquered
Ice Warrior Ice Warrior
Arctic World conquered
Desert Storm Desert Storm
Desert World conquered
Monkey Madness Monkey Madness
Jungle World conquered
Metropolitan Major Metropolitan Major
City World conquered