Yet Another Zombie Defense Achievement List

Saving up Saving up
Survive 6 nights without buying anything
Kiting mastery Kiting mastery
Survive 10 nights without any barricades, turrets or mines
Untouchable Untouchable
Survive 10 nights without taking any damage
One shot, many kills One shot, many kills
Kill 8 zombies with a single sniper rifle bullet in defense mode
Demolition Demolition
Kill 8 zombies with a single rocket in defense mode
Cheap and reliable Cheap and reliable
Kill 300 zombies with shotgun in a single game in defense mode
Efficient usage Efficient usage
Use no more than 6 clips during the first night
Come get some Come get some
Build and equip four turrets
Private Private
Score 10,000 points in defense mode
Corporal Corporal
Score 30,000 points in defense mode
Sergeant Sergeant
Score 80,000 points in defense mode
Lieutenant Lieutenant
Score 150,000 points in defense mode
Captain Captain
Score 250,000 points in defense mode
Major Major
Score 500,000 points in defense mode
Colonel Colonel
Score 1,000,000 points in defense mode
Beginner Beginner
Survive for 2:00 in endless night mode
Survivor Survivor
Survive for 3:30 in endless night mode
Veteran Veteran
Survive for 5:00 in endless night mode