Yasai Ninja Achievement List

Completionist Completionist
Complete 100% of the game
Prisoners Prisoners
Beat “Prisoners”
The Escape The Escape
Beat “The Escape”
Leek Town Leek Town
Beat “Leek Town”
Freedom! Freedom!
Beat “Freedom!”
Sensei Sensei
Beat “Sensei”
Forge Road Forge Road
Beat “Forge Road”
In Hell In Hell
Beat “In Hell”
Burn Burn Burn! Burn Burn Burn!
Beat “Burn Burn Burn!”
Run! Run!
Beat “Run!”
Kyurinaga's Army Kyurinaga’s Army
Beat “Kyurinaga’s Army”
Apprentice Apprentice
Find 25% of the Ancient scrolls
Master Master
Find 50% of the Ancient scrolls
Wiseman Wiseman
Find 75% of the Ancient scrolls
Venerable Venerable
Find all Ancient scrolls
Hidden Achievement
Pacifist Pacifist
Dodge an unnecesary fight
Fear of the Soldier Fear of the Soldier
Kill 150 soldier cucumber
Fear of the Archer Fear of the Archer
Kill 50 archer cucumber
Fear of the Armored Fear of the Armored
Kill 25 armored cucumber
Fear of the Ninja Fear of the Ninja
Kill 25 ninja turnip
Fear of the Monster Fear of the Monster
Kill 50 spicy chili
Liberator Liberator
Defeat the Shogun as Broccoli Joe
Avenger Avenger
Defeat the Shogun as Kaoru Tamanegui
Touched! Touched!
Touch 100 objects
Hidden Achievement
I´m too fast for you! I´m too fast for you!
Beat Cauliflower taking no damage
I'm a PRO I’m a PRO
Beat the game in PRO mode
Hidden Achievement
Killer Killer
Kill 2500 enemies
Hidden Achievement
Untouchable Untouchable
Beat an exploration level taking no damage
Hidden Achievement
Immortal Immortal
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Nightmare of the Soldier Nightmare of the Soldier
Kill 250 soldier cucumber
Nightmare of the Archer Nightmare of the Archer
Kill 100 archer cucumber
Nightmare of the Armored Nightmare of the Armored
Kill 50 Armored cucumber
Nightmare of the Ninja Nightmare of the Ninja
Kill 50 Ninja turnips
Nightmare of the Monster Nightmare of the Monster
Kill 100 spicy chili
Bros. to the end Bros. to the end
Beat the game in cooperative mode