XLarn Achievement List

Consolation Award Consolation Award
150 Monsters Killed
Bronce Medal Bronce Medal
300 Monsters Killed
Silver Medal Silver Medal
500 Monsters Killed
Gold Medal Gold Medal
700 Monsters Killed
Slayer of Demons Slayer of Demons
50 Demons Killed
Reaper of Demonlords Reaper of Demonlords
5 Demonlords Killed
Terminator of a Demon Dynasty Terminator of a Demon Dynasty
Demonprince Killed
Medal of Valor Medal of Valor
Survive Pandoras Curse
Beginner of Potholing Beginner of Potholing
Reach Exp Level 20
Advanced Spelunker Advanced Spelunker
Reach Exp Level 50
Master of Cave Research Master of Cave Research
Reach Exp Level 70
“Three Blind Mice” Award
Be Blinded three times and survive it