XIIZEAL Achievement List

XIIZeal Clear XIIZeal Clear
Clear all stages.
XIIZeal 1 Coin Clear XIIZeal 1 Coin Clear
Clear all stages without a continue.
Red Boss Red Boss
Three times as powerful!
Red Sports Car Red Sports Car
Always wanted to drive a red sports car!
Boss 1 Return Boss 1 Return
Haven’t I met you somewhere before?
Boss 2 Arrival Boss 2 Arrival
This one is the TRUE boss!
Mid-Boss Arrival Mid-Boss Arrival
Stage Clear when he flees.
Old Fighter Old Fighter
Downed that fleeing plane at last.
Back Fire Master Back Fire Master
Standing behind me will get you burned.
Side Attack Master Side Attack Master
You’re a long way from standing beside the likes of me.
Entire Game Unlocked Entire Game Unlocked
The true game is just beginning.
Long Time No See Long Time No See
It’s been a while. Playing once in a while allows you to make new discoveries.