Xenoraid Achievement List

Vanguard Vanguard
Complete Battle 1
Heroes of Mars Heroes of Mars
Complete Battle 2
Moonraiders Moonraiders
Complete Battle 3
Mars, God of War Mars, God of War
Complete Battle 4
Fortress Earth Fortress Earth
Complete Battle 5
Seven Minutes of Terror Seven Minutes of Terror
Survive seven minutes or more in Survival I
Hundred to One Hundred to One
Destroy 400 enemies in Survival II
Survival Star Survival Star
Score 20000 points or more in Survival III
Stellar Ace Stellar Ace
Destroy 500 enemies with a single fighter during a Battle
Hard Fought Victory Hard Fought Victory
Complete campaign in Hard Mode
Major Force Major Force
Finish Battle 2 with four pilots ranked as Major
Smart Bomb Smart Bomb
Destroy eight or more enemies with a single Cluster Bomb
Sharp Shooter Sharp Shooter
Destroy six or more enemies with a single Railgun blast