World’s Dawn Achievement List

Your Story Begins Your Story Begins
Arrive in your new home in Sugar Blossom Village.
Social Creature Social Creature
Greet every resident in town.
Piping Stew Piping Stew
Calm the mayor’s throat with a homemade dish.
A New Harvest A New Harvest
Ship 100 homegrown crops out to market.
Budding Rancher Budding Rancher
Purchase your very first barnyard animal.
Cozy Barnyard Cozy Barnyard
Achieve maximum livestock capacity in the barn.
First Friend First Friend
Establish your first true friendship in Sugar Blossom.
Settling In Settling In
Make it through the first season in your new home.
Raise the Roof Raise the Roof
Add a second story to your humble homestead.
Love Shines Love Shines
Marry your sweetheart in front of all your friends.
Black Rose Forever Black Rose Forever
Watch every episode of Prophecy Quest.
Afterglow Afterglow
Catch all 28 Dusk Hoppers.
Speak in Rainbows Speak in Rainbows
Acquire every available hue of parchment.
Culinarian Culinarian
Fill your kitchen with every tool and appliance.
Hide the Tuna Hide the Tuna
Befriend and bring home a grateful kitten.
Secondhand Hero Secondhand Hero
Complete the lengthy secondhand trade chain.
Gone Fishing Gone Fishing
Catch 6 different types of fish around town.
The Legendary Catch The Legendary Catch
Land the mythical Banded Amberjack.
Under Your Nose Under Your Nose
Discover the rose rabbit’s tasty secret.
Pocket Stuffing Pocket Stuffing
Ship an impressive amount of goods in one day.
Master Athlete Master Athlete
Raise your LockBall skills to their maximum.
LockBall Champion LockBall Champion
Place first in the summer LockBall Tournament.
Firewater Firewater
Strengthen tolerance with 10 alcoholic beverages.
Friend of Spirits Friend of Spirits
Win over your first Feral Shade.
Reeled In Reeled In
Help Wake and River return to the village.
Patchwork Patchwork
Help Trixie and Ellie return to the village.
Page Turner Page Turner
Help Fable return to the village.
Breathe Deep Breathe Deep
Help Siloh return to the village.
One Year Ago One Year Ago
Celebrate your one year anniversary since moving to town.
Noah's Legacy Noah’s Legacy
Renew true life and spirit in Sugar Blossom Village.