World of Guns: Gun Disassembly Achievement List

Tutorial Tutorial
Complete the tutorial to earn achievement
All Modes All Modes
Complete all six game modes for at least one gun.
Game w/o Hints Game w/o Hints
Complete Game mode without using hints
Sniper Sniper
Complete Game mode hitting only parts which can be activated
3 guns 3 guns
Unlock any three gun models
10 guns 10 guns
Unlock any ten gun models
All guns All guns
Unlock all gun models
Artillery Artillery
Unlock all models in Artillery category
Assault Rifles Assault Rifles
Unlock all models in Assault Rifles category
Launchers Launchers
Unlock all models in Grenade/Rocket Launchers category
Historical Historical
Unlock all models in Historical category
Machineguns Machineguns
Unlock all models in Machineguns category
Pistols Pistols
Unlock all models in Pistols category
Pocket Guns Pocket Guns
Unlock all models in Pocket Guns category
Revolvers Revolvers
Unlock all models in Revolvers category
Rifles Rifles
Unlock all models in Rifles category
Shotguns Shotguns
Unlock all models in Shotguns category
Sporting Sporting
Unlock all models in Sporting Guns category
Unlock all models in Submachine Guns category
Unlock all models in World War II category
Skeletons Skeletons
Unlock all models in Skeletons bonus category
Cars Cars
Unlock all models in Cars bonus category
Bikes Bikes
Unlock all models in Bikes bonus category
Top-3 Top-3
Take one of Top-3 places of day best results in Game, Super Game or Hardcore Game of any model (gun or bonus).
Champion Champion
Become day champion in Game, Super Game or Hardcore Game of any model (gun or bonus).
Craftmaster Craftmaster
Complete Super-Game mode for any gun
Spec-Op Spec-Op
Perform all Special Operation tasks and got the prize
Quizz Quizz
Complete Quizz mini-game with 10 models
Shooter Shooter
Complete all task on any Shooting Range
Shooting Ranges Shooting Ranges
Unlock all Shooting Ranges
Field Strip Field Strip
Complete ‘Field Strip’ mode
First Disassembly First Disassembly
Complete ‘Disassembly’ mode
First Assembly First Assembly
Complete ‘Assembly’ mode
First Operate First Operate
Complete ‘Operate’ mode
First Game First Game
Complete ‘Game’ mode
All Gun Achievements All Gun Achievements
Earn all achievements for any gun
Hardcore Gamer Hardcore Gamer
Complete ‘Hardcore Game’ mode
Serenity Serenity
Complete Game or Super Game without hasty clicks
Lightning-Fast Reflexes Lightning-Fast Reflexes
Complete Super game with accelerating al least 75% parts
30 Days Streak 30 Days Streak
Complete Daily Puzzle during 30 days
60 Days Streak 60 Days Streak
Complete Daily Puzzle during 60 days
90 Days Streak 90 Days Streak
Complete Daily Puzzle during 90 days