Woof Blaster Achievement List

Rage Monster Rage Monster
Rage 5 times during a level
Priceless Priceless
Obtain no money during a level
Cheers Cheers
View the credits
Cheat Mode! Cheat Mode!
Figure out how to unlock cheat mode
Feline Overlord Feline Overlord
Lose the game by letting the cat get the pizza
Bullet Badman Bullet Badman
Kill a boss solely with regular bullets
Feel The Power Feel The Power
Buy all power-ups
Weapon Warrior Weapon Warrior
Buy all bullet typess
Age Of Rage Age Of Rage
Buy all rage forms
Powerless Powerless
Finish the game without using power-ups
I Woof Pizza I Woof Pizza
Collect all slices of pizza and become King of the Dog Planet
A Grand Don't Come Free A Grand Don’t Come Free
Have £1000 at the beginning of a level
Smooth Mover Smooth Mover
Take no damage during a level
Money Can Buy Me Love Money Can Buy Me Love
Buy 5 extra hearts