Woody Two-Legs Attack of the Zombie Pirates Achievement List

Kraken Kraken
Player has beaten the first Kraken in story mode.
Skeleton Boss Skeleton Boss
Player has beaten the Skeleton boss in story mode
Ghost ship boss Ghost ship boss
Player has beaten the Ghost ship boss in story mode
Kraken Again Kraken Again
Player has beaten the second Kraken in story mode
Mr. Jones Mr. Jones
Player has beaten Mr. Jones in story mode
Nightmare Nightmare
Player has unlocked the nightmare difficulty level
Misplacement Misplacement
Player has ran into own mines 10 times
Gold retriever Gold retriever
Player has destroyed 20 enemy ships carrying gold, and picked up the gold box left behind.
Perfectionist Perfectionist
Complete any level without losing any gold from chest
Homing magnet Homing magnet
Player has been hit by a homing dolphin 10 times