Wolflame Achievement List

Quad Damage Quad Damage
Cleared Stage 1.
Hexaboom Hexaboom
Cleared Stage 2.
Raumschiff und Panzer Raumschiff und Panzer
Cleared Stage 3.
Sunken Pride Sunken Pride
Cleared Stage 4.
Derrailed Derrailed
Cleared Stage 5.
Disarmed Disarmed
Cleared Stage 6.
Cannon Symphony Cannon Symphony
Cleared Stage 7.
Riesigenpanzer Riesigenpanzer
Cleared Stage 8.
Dual Space Strikers Dual Space Strikers
Cleared Stage 9.
Straight through the eye Straight through the eye
Cleared the Final Stage.
Cleared the game on Easy Mode. Now you are ready for greater challenges!
Docking procedure complete Docking procedure complete
Cleared the game in Normal Mode or above.
The Long Haul The Long Haul
Cleared the game without continuing or using the Save System on any difficulty mode.
You were shot down.
Lazarus Lazarus
Died three times in a single game.
Right Hand of God Right Hand of God
Reach Max Level on your right satellite.
Sinister Companion Sinister Companion
Reach Max Level on your left satellite.
The lucky one The lucky one
Clear a stage without dying.
Medals of honor Medals of honor
Collect 10 medals in one stage.
Shiny pot of gold Shiny pot of gold
Collect 20 medals in one stage.
Life Insurance Silver Card Life Insurance Silver Card
Earn your first score extend.
Double the luck Double the luck
Earn two score extends in a single run.
Holy Trinity Holy Trinity
Earn three score extends in a single run.
Earn four score extends in a single run.
Nice catch! Nice catch!
Retrieve your lost weapons after a death.
Naked Gun Naked Gun
Clear a stage without picking up the satellites.
Skill threshold Skill threshold
Reach stage 7 with a score above 4,500,000.
Droppin'! Droppin’!
Drop your first bomb.
Bombardier Bombardier
Trigger three bombs in single run.
Big Red Button Big Red Button
Launched six bombs in a single run. Someone likes to see things explode all around!
Target practice Target practice
Blast 100 enemies.
Fleet destroyer Fleet destroyer
Destroyed 500 enemies.
Obliterator Obliterator
Destroyed 1,500 enemies.
Locked on threats Locked on threats
Destroyed 500 enemies using the red satellite.
Pin-point defense Pin-point defense
Destroyed 500 enemies using the blue satellite.
Raw firepower Raw firepower
Destroyed 500 enemies using the green satellite.