WITCH-BOT MEGLILO Achievement List

Heroine Reborn Heroine Reborn
Beat the game once in EASY mode
Dark Night Returns Dark Night Returns
Beat the game once in NORMAL mode
The Agent of Apocalypse The Agent of Apocalypse
Beat the game once in HARD mode
Kingdom Coming Soon Kingdom Coming Soon
Beat the game once in INSANE mode
Untouchable Untouchable
Beat all stages without taking a hit from the enemy
Time Stop Warp Time Stop Warp
Use Time Stop Warp for the first time
Super Electric Shield Super Electric Shield
Get a shield item for the first time
Maximum Bonus! Maximum Bonus!
Activate Maximum Bonus for the first time
Weapons of Mass Destruction Weapons of Mass Destruction
Get a bomb item for the first time
Trusty Aid Trusty Aid
Get a satellite for the first time
Satellite Collector Satellite Collector
Get all the satellites
Omega Power! Omega Power!
Destroy obstacles for the first time
Idol of Akihabara Idol of Akihabara
Complete the Maid outfit
Summer Princess Summer Princess
Complete the Kimono outfit
Mermaid by the Pool Mermaid by the Pool
Complete the Mermaid outfit
Woman of Steel Woman of Steel
Complete the Reinforcement Parts outfit
The Amazing Meglilo The Amazing Meglilo
Reach a score of 2,000,000 points on EASY mode
The Uncanny Meglilo The Uncanny Meglilo
Reach a score of 4,500,000 points on NORMAL mode
The Incredible Meglilo The Incredible Meglilo
Reach a score of 7,000,000 points on HARD mode
The Mighty Meglilo The Mighty Meglilo
Reach a score of 9,000,000 points on INSANE mode
Cubism's Demise Cubism’s Demise
Beat LILY ROBOT’s secret form
The Interceptor The Interceptor
Defeat 1,000 enemies
The Guardian of Love The Guardian of Love
Defeat 5,000 enemies
The Executioner The Executioner
Defeat 10,000 enemies
The Annihilator The Annihilator
Defeat 30,000 enemies