Witch & Hero(魔女と勇者) Achievement List

Hard to Kill Hard to Kill
Win a battle despite Hero fainting 20 times.
Mammonist Mammonist
Get 16000 gold in 1 battle.
Seasoned Hero Seasoned Hero
Get 8000 experience in 1 battle.
Strongest of the Strong Strongest of the Strong
Clear stage 20 with Hero fainting under 3 times.
Witch Unscathed Witch Unscathed
Clear stage 19 without the Witch taking damage.
Can do without Can do without
Clear stage 18 without using Holy Sword.
VIP Customer VIP Customer
Increase your Sword, Shield, Boots, Fire and Storm levels to maximum capacity.
Victorious Victorious
Defeat Medusa.
Legendary Hero Legendary Hero
Clear all stages.
The Sea of Monsters The Sea of Monsters
Clear Survival Mode.
Jelly Lover Jelly Lover
Clear the bonus wave in the Tower of Trials.
Lightning-quick Lightning-quick
Clear the Tower of Trials with over 60 seconds to spare.
Back-attacker Back-attacker
Back-attack enemies 1000 times.
Salesgirl Charmer Salesgirl Charmer
Collect all dialogue with the Sales girl .
Witch and Hero Witch and Hero
Achieve all trophies.