Wings of Prey Achievement List

Well-read pilot Well-read pilot
Unlock all the articles in the encyclopedia.
Flying tank Flying tank
Complete 100 missions in singleplayer or online mode with the IL-2 Sturmovik.
Invulnerable pilot Invulnerable pilot
Complete “Escort” with limited fuel and ammo and additional attempts set to 0.
Real feelings Real feelings
Complete “The Red Skies of Dover” in the real cockpit view.
Good partner Good partner
Defend your leader in the “Baptism by fire” mission.
Side mission Side mission
Find the Brandenburg Gate and attack the vehicle near it.
Defender of Britain Defender of Britain
Complete the “Battle of Britain” chapter.
Defender of Stalingrad Defender of Stalingrad
Complete the “Battle of Stalingrad” chapter.
Liberator of Sicily Liberator of Sicily
Complete the “Invasion of Sicily” chapter.
Liberator of Korsun Liberator of Korsun
Complete the “Korsun Pocket” chapter.
Defender of the Ardennes Defender of the Ardennes
Complete the “Battle of The Bulge” chapter.
Liberator of Berlin Liberator of Berlin
Complete the “Battle of Berlin” chapter.
Hero of the World Hero of the World
Complete the single player campaign.
Flight club rookie Flight club rookie
Complete any chapter of the campaign on Realistic.
Elite flight club rookie Elite flight club rookie
Complete any chapter of the campaign on Simulator.
Born to be ace Born to be ace
Destroy 5 aircraft in one mission.
To hit the bull's eye To hit the bull’s eye
Destroy a ship using bombs.
Royal Navy's Friend Royal Navy’s Friend
Complete the “Convoy” mission.
Be ready! Be ready!
Unlock all the single missions.
Always ready to attack Always ready to attack
Complete all the single missions with the “ground attack” tag.
Always ready to cover Always ready to cover
Complete all the single missions with the “need cover” tag.
Always ready to fight Always ready to fight
Complete all the single missions with the “fighter” tag.
Eagle eye Eagle eye
Damage 100 ground units using rockets or bombs.
Perfect defence Perfect defence
Destroy 50 aircraft in the Gunner View.
Clear sky Clear sky
Destroy 100 aircraft.
Threat from the Air Threat from the Air
Destroy 100 ground units.
Soviet aircaft expert Soviet aircaft expert
Win one mission or match with each Soviet aircraft.
Allied aircaft expert Allied aircaft expert
Win one mission or match with each Allied aircraft.
Axis aircaft expert Axis aircaft expert
Win one mission or match with each Axis aircraft.
Team Battle champion Team Battle champion
Win 50 matches in Team Battle.
Dogfight champion Dogfight champion
Win 30 matches in Dogfight.
Strike champion Strike champion
Win 50 matches in Strike.
Capture Airfields champion Capture Airfields champion
Win 50 matches in Capture Airfields.
The Ace of Aces The Ace of Aces
Destroy 100 player aircraft.
Immortal pilot Immortal pilot
Destroy 5 player aircraft without dying.
Any sky is home for me Any sky is home for me
Win an Online match at each location.
Not a rookie anymore Not a rookie anymore
Win an Online match in each mode.
Landing master Landing master
Conduct 50 successful landings on Realistic in Capture Airfields.
Real experience Real experience
Conduct a successful landing on Simulator.
Fresh forces Fresh forces
Complete Primary Training.
First step First step
Conduct a flight manoeuvre during the first mission of the tutorial.
Real aviator Real aviator
Complete the first mission in chapter “Battle of Britain” on Simulator.
It's winter! It’s winter!
Complete any mission on winter locations: Korsun, Stalingrad or Bulge