Windward Achievement List

Commissioned Commissioned
Complete your first commission.
One... more... quest! One… more… quest!
Complete 50 commissions.
Efficiency Efficiency
Complete two consignments at the same time.
Curiosity Curiosity
Open a Sealed Letter.
Gearing Up Gearing Up
Find and equip your first epic item.
Bargain Bin Bargain Bin
Do your first trade run.
Not So Tough Not So Tough
Defeat a Pirate Captain.
The Great Provider The Great Provider
Make a town grow in size.
Bigger is Better Bigger is Better
Upgrade your ship.
Menagerie Menagerie
Unlock all ships.
Naval Proficiency Naval Proficiency
Defeat 5 pirates.
Naval Experience Naval Experience
Defeat 100 ships.
Double Kill Double Kill
Defeat two enemies back to back.
Foothold Foothold
Establish a foothold in a region where your faction has no towns.
Pirate Hunter Pirate Hunter
Completely drive out pirates from a level 9+ region.
Four Digits Four Digits
Equip an item that will push any stat above 1000.
Burn 'em! Burn ’em!
Drop Grogolov on top of 3 or more enemies.
Invincible Invincible
Defeat an enemy by yourself without taking any damage.
Protection Money Protection Money
Successfully complete a commission to place a Guard Tower near a town.
Black Flag Black Flag
Become a true pirate. Arrr!
White Flag White Flag
Opt out of a PvP match by using a White Flag.
The Grinning Skull The Grinning Skull
Achieve a skull kill rating.
Lil' Help? Lil’ Help?
Hire a follower.
Join Forces Join Forces
Capture a level 9 or higher region in a co-op match.
Master of the Seas Master of the Seas
Sink a pirate captain in a level 39+ region.
Ganker Ganker
Sink another player in PvP.
Unstoppable Unstoppable
Drive out pirates from a level 39+ region.
Bucket o' Paint Bucket o’ Paint
Customize your ship’s look.
Time Out Time Out
Repair your ship while obscured by fog.
Admiral Admiral
Achieve the Admiral reputation standing with any faction.
Up And At 'Em! Up And At ‘Em!
Complete the Strange Diagram quest.