Windforge Achievement List

Vegetarian Vegetarian
Beat the game without eating any meat.
Meatetarian Meatetarian
Beat the game only eating meat.
Victorious! Victorious!
Beat the game.
Strength Strength
Max out the strength stat.
Vitality Vitality
Max out the vitality stat.
Agility Agility
Max out the agility stat.
Wisdom Wisdom
Max out the wisdom stat.
Meat Beater Meat Beater
Kill something with a sausage.
Shipless Travel Shipless Travel
Travel between two towns without a ship.
Cordeus Connoisseur Cordeus Connoisseur
Visit every area in the world.
Defender of the Realm Defender of the Realm
Defend Engelstrome from the SOC attack.
Self-Made Millionaire Self-Made Millionaire
Get a million dollars.
Whale Crush Whale Crush
Crush someone with a whale.
Aetherkin Archeologist Aetherkin Archeologist
Get all the ancient Aetherkin tablets.
Quick Learner Quick Learner
Complete the tutorial chapter.
Grease Monkey Grease Monkey
Repair your ship.
Free Falling Free Falling
Fall through a whole area.
'Round the World ‘Round the World
Travel around the world.
Leviathan's Tears Leviathan’s Tears
Kill Leviathan.
Kraken Hunter Kraken Hunter
Kill a Kraken.
Mammon's Demise Mammon’s Demise
Kill Mammon.
Magnum Opus Magnum Opus
Complete the Magnum Opus Key.
Experimental Warfare Experimental Warfare
Complete all Wilhelm side quests.
Custom Killer Custom Killer
Complete all Lars side quests.
Whale Friend Whale Friend
Tame a whale.