Wind Child Achievement List

You've Got the Touch! You’ve Got the Touch!
Receive the gift of magic
Gone With the Wind Gone With the Wind
Witness the fate of Fort Abigail.
Puzzle House Puzzle House
Infiltrate the Imperium Research Facility and survive the Security Droid.
The Mother of Necessity The Mother of Necessity
Save the Alvwa Queen.
It Belongs In A Museum! It Belongs In A Museum!
Find the lost armaments and learn about the Kaze hero.
O Chey Bravi'os O Chey Bravi’os
Begin the Journey.
Father Knows Death Father Knows Death
Defeat the Grey Knight.
Soldier On Soldier On
Befriend the cadet.
Foxy Lady Foxy Lady
Befriend the free spirit.
Come Sail With Me Come Sail With Me
Befriend the captain.
Novos Amigos Novos Amigos
Befriend the immortal.