Wimp: Who Stole My Pants? Achievement List

Suicide Masta Suicide Masta
Die 5 times from the spikes on same level
Cirtical Miss Cirtical Miss
Having died lose the ultimate roll
Cleaner Cleaner
Slay the enemy into the acid
Fatality! Fatality!
Slay the enemy on the saw
Take it easy, Bro! Take it easy, Bro!
Put out Wimp into the water
Rusty quest champion! Rusty quest champion!
Score all rolls on Rusty Quest
Cold quest champion! Cold quest champion!
Score all rolls on Cold Quest
Lucky man! Lucky man!
Finish 10 levels with no a death
Prestige Prestige
Solve the mortal puzzle with the help of teleporting
9000 Leagues Under the Sea 9000 Leagues Under the Sea
Stand 1 min in the water
Barbecue Boy Barbecue Boy
Spend 2 min in the fire state
Demolition Kid Demolition Kid
Destroy 5 explosive platform
You shall not pass! You shall not pass!
Have a death from the enemy in Stony Chasing
Rider of the lost pants Rider of the lost pants
Don’t have a death from Stony
Leap of Faith Leap of Faith
Get first roll at level 13 of Junk Quest in first try
This is Spartaaa!!! This is Spartaaa!!!
Push the enemies into the acid at level 8 of Junk Quest
Captain Wimp the Blob Captain Wimp the Blob
Complete the seafaring successfully
Mission is possible Mission is possible
Have a successful descent on the rope at level 12 of Teddy Quest
Master Rogue Master Rogue
Stick to the ceiling at level 9 of Junk Quest
Wimp: There and Back Again Wimp: There and Back Again
Get first and second rolls with no death at level 15 of Junk Quest
Keep a calm Keep a calm
Don’t have a death at start in level 9 of Teddy Quest
Saboteur 3: Critical Mass Saboteur 3: Critical Mass
Free the Stony at level 14 of Teddy Quest
Impossibru! Impossibru!
Get two rolls in the same time
Super Blob Boy Super Blob Boy
Don’t have a death from the saws at level 6 of Rusty Quest
Sticky business Sticky business
Accomplish Junk Quest
Back to the childhood Back to the childhood
Accomplish Teddy quest
Pie is a lie! Pie is a lie!
Accomplish Rusty quest
Frozen breath Frozen breath
Accomplish Cold quest
Junkyard Avenger Junkyard Avenger
Kill Boss at Junk Quest
Teddy Rescuer Teddy Rescuer
Kill Boss at Teddy quest
Cold Monster Cold Monster
Kill Boss at Cold quest