Will Fight for Food: Super Actual Sellout: Game of the Hour Achievement List

Cheap Shot Cheap Shot
Beat up the Marine.
Honorable Rival Honorable Rival
Help the Marine.
I Am The Law I Am The Law
Beat up Karate Kim.
Vigilante Justice Vigilante Justice
Help Karate Kim.
Mystery Solved Mystery Solved
Beat up a man without provocation, then find a reason to justify it.
Ceasefire Ceasefire
Help Lou and Patriot resolve things amicably.
Taco Assassin Taco Assassin
Beat up Patriot to help Lou.
Municipal Beef Municipal Beef
Beat up Lou to help Patriot.
Supervillain Supervillain
Beat up Koala Man.
Dino Man Rises Dino Man Rises
Sabotage Koala Man’s show.
Method Actor Method Actor
Stick to the script during Koala Man’s show.
Hail Corporate Hail Corporate
Help Mandrake by sabotaging Lily’s efforts.
Power Ranger Power Ranger
Help Lily and get Mandrake arrested.
Inherit The Earth Inherit The Earth
Beat up the Chancellor.
Oratory Genius Oratory Genius
Broker peace between nerds and jocks.
Southclaw Southclaw
Return a lost paw to the rare, majestic feltbear.
The Design Could Have Been Better The Design Could Have Been Better
Clear all stages of the digiworld.
Brospector Brospector
Help the jocks in the academy.
Millenial Hero Millenial Hero
Find the janitor employment.
This Is Sparka This Is Sparka
Engage in some hearty, wholesome, entirely platonic sparring.
The Seer The Seer
Do what the prophet says.
The Truth The Truth
You exposed the truth behind WFFF to the world.
The Champion The Champion
Become the WFFF champion, even if it means beating up all your old friends.
Hell Of A Night Hell Of A Night
You did the smart thing and left this crazy town.
Played 'Em All Played ‘Em All
Play every arcade game in Whateville at least once.
Perilously Mortal Combat Perilously Mortal Combat
Get the pre-used popsicle stick from the deadliest arcade.
Ringbearer Ringbearer
Get the lost ring of power from the deadliest arcade.
Beat Elite Agents Beat Elite Agents
Fight the mayor’s security guards – and win.
How Can He Smoke How Can He Smoke
Beat up the doctor outside the hospital.
Those Guys Had Bad Fashion Those Guys Had Bad Fashion
Beat up all animal goons.
Unbounced Unbounced
You got into a club. Yeah.
Collateral Damage Collateral Damage
Beat up everyone in the suburbs for no reason at all.