Wildlife Park Achievement List

Lion Pride Keeper Lion Pride Keeper
Hold 10 completely happy lions.
Gorilla Fancier Gorilla Fancier
Make a female gorilla happy.
Panda Preserver Panda Preserver
Breed and keep 20 panda babies in your park.
Australian Habitat Australian Habitat
Hold all australian animal species in your park and make them completely happy.
Ecologist Ecologist
Plant 1000 trees.
Trapper Trapper
Have 20 living catched crocodiles.
Ostrich Seller Ostrich Seller
Sell 50 completely happy ostriches.
Busy Veterinarian Busy Veterinarian
Heal 100 diseased animals.
First-Aid Attendant First-Aid Attendant
Treat 10 injured visitors.
White Tiger Breeder White Tiger Breeder
Breed and keep 10 white tigers babies in your park.
Animal Trainer Animal Trainer
Train 100 animals for animal shows.
Donation Collector Donation Collector
Collect 100.000 donations.
Millionaire Millionaire
Reach a bank balance of 100 millions.
Profiteer Profiteer
Make a monthly profit of 10.000.
Great Guestbook Holder Great Guestbook Holder
Reach a average satisfaction of 95% in your park guestbook with minimum 20 entries.
Happy Visitor Park Holder Happy Visitor Park Holder
Reach an average visitor satisfaction of 95% in your park with minumum 50 visitors.
Park Rating Award Park Rating Award
Reach a park rating of 100.
Full Park Owner Full Park Owner
Have 200 visitors in your park.
Park Record Attendance Holder Park Record Attendance Holder
Reach 100.000 park visits.
Animal Happiness Keeper Animal Happiness Keeper
Have 200 completely happy animals in your park.
Complete Animal Species Holder Complete Animal Species Holder
Hold all available animal species in one park with an average animal satisfaction of 99%.
Mission 1 Winner Mission 1 Winner
Solve mission 1.
Mission 2 Winner Mission 2 Winner
Solve mission 2.
Mission 3 Winner Mission 3 Winner
Solve mission 3.
Mission 4 Winner Mission 4 Winner
Solve mission 4.
Mission 5 Winner Mission 5 Winner
Solve mission 5.
Mission 6 Winner Mission 6 Winner
Solve mission 6.
Mission 7 Winner Mission 7 Winner
Solve mission 7.
Mission 8 Winner Mission 8 Winner
Solve mission 8.
Mission 9 Winner Mission 9 Winner
Solve mission 9.
Mission 10 Winner Mission 10 Winner
Solve mission 10.
Mission 11 Winner Mission 11 Winner
Solve mission 11.
Mission 12 Winner Mission 12 Winner
Solve mission 12.
Mission 13 Winner Mission 13 Winner
Solve mission 13.
Mission 14 Winner Mission 14 Winner
Solve mission 14.
Mission 15 Winner Mission 15 Winner
Solve mission 15.
Mission 16 Winner Mission 16 Winner
Solve mission 16.
Mission 17 Winner Mission 17 Winner
Solve mission 17.
Mission 18 Winner Mission 18 Winner
Solve mission 18.
Mission 19 Winner Mission 19 Winner
Solve mission 19.
Mission 20 Winner Mission 20 Winner
Solve mission 20.
Mission Expert Mission Expert
Solve all Wildlife Park missions.
Baby Boomer Baby Boomer
Have 100 animal babies in your park.
King Of Wildlife Park King Of Wildlife Park
Complete all Wildlife Park achievements.