Wild Warfare Achievement List

Mouse 1 Mouse 1
Demonstrate you know where the mouse 1 button is
Big Shooter Big Shooter
Demonstrate you really know where the mouse 1 button is
Brush With Fame Brush With Fame
Take down a developer
Brush with Brush Brush with Brush
Take down someone who has taken down a developer
Air Take Down Air Take Down
Take down someone while they are airbourne
Unstoppable Unstoppable
Get a 4 player killstreak
Incredible Incredible
Get a 6 player killstreak
Cheese and Crackers Cheese and Crackers
Get an 8 player killstreak
How'd You Do That? How’d You Do That?
Get a 10 player killstreak
Snail Trail Snail Trail
Hold the Snail for 100 seconds in a row
Bringing Out the Big Guns Bringing Out the Big Guns
Pilot the Raptor
Wat. Wat.
Get a 20 player killstreak
Snail Lover Snail Lover
Hold the Snail for 1 hour in total
Capper Capper
Capture the enemy flag 100 times
Rescuer Rescuer
Return your flag to the base 100 times
Credit to Team Credit to Team
Capture the enemy flag as a Heavy
Not so fast Not so fast
Take down a player who has your team’s flag
Flag Defender Flag Defender
Return your flag to the base 10 times
Flag Attacker Flag Attacker
Capture the enemy flag 10 times
Beginner Hunter Beginner Hunter
Defeat 10 enemies
Apprentice Hunter Apprentice Hunter
Defeat 50 enemies
Accomplished Hunter Accomplished Hunter
Defeat 100 enemies
Master Hunter Master Hunter
Defeat 200 enemies
Taking One For the Team Taking One For the Team
Get defeated 25 times
Flag Captivist Flag Captivist
Capture the enemy flag 50 times
Beginner Killstreaker Beginner Killstreaker
Get 10 killstreaks in a match
Flag Keeper Flag Keeper
Return your flag to the base 50 times
Super Killstreaker Super Killstreaker
Get 20 killstreaks in a match