Wild Frontera Achievement List

Wildicide Wildicide
Kill 1000 enemies
To Pueblo del Norte To Pueblo del Norte
Complete Stage I in any difficulty
Made of Steel Made of Steel
Complete Stage II in any difficulty
It's a trap! It’s a trap!
Complete Stage III in any difficulty
End the garnison End the garnison
Complete Stage IV in any difficulty
Blast effect Blast effect
Complete Stage V in any difficulty
Alone in the dark Alone in the dark
Complete Stage VI in any difficulty
Next stop: Freedom Next stop: Freedom
Complete Stage VII in any difficulty
One way exit One way exit
Complete Stage VIII in any difficulty
Easy rider Easy rider
Complete all Stages in normal or easy difficulty
They will be telling stories about you They will be telling stories about you
Complete all Stages in MOST WANTED difficulty
Back from the dead Back from the dead
Resurrect a friend in a co-op game
Death Cheater Death Cheater
Complete a stage wihtout dying
Fully loaded Fully loaded
Buy a Custom Quality Revolver
Rifleman Rifleman
Buy a Custom Quality rifle
Pumped Pumped
Buy a Custom Quality shotgun
Showman Showman
Buy all the character upgrades
The big bluff The big bluff
Find all the cards
Money for nothing Money for nothing
Collect 4,751 gold
Suicidal bandits Suicidal bandits
Do not let a single suicidal bandit explode while fighting SteelNugget
Dodge my poncho Dodge my poncho
Kill Poncho Bob with 3 turrets up
We are closed We are closed
Do not let more than one sniper alive at the same time
Speed bombing Speed bombing
Activate all the detonators in less than two minutes
Leap of faith Leap of faith
Stand on the last platform at the end of the encounter
Bacon of hope Bacon of hope
Kill the sow while 5 piglets are alive
Nether do I Nether do I
Destroy all the portals in less than 5 seconds
Buf Jerky Buf Jerky
Kill Bufferatops in less than 1min 30 sec
Finish him! Finish him!
Kill the Executioner with a punch as final blow
The goggles do nothing! The goggles do nothing!
Kill the BergMeister with explosives only
That didn't even hurt! That didn’t even hurt!
Kill 8 minions in less than 20 sec while fighting the mysterious masked man
Holoparty Holoparty
Kill the Bufferatops ghost first
Damsels in distress Damsels in distress
Save 100 damsels
The Merciful The Merciful
Spare the life of 100 bandits
Lol Bacon Lol Bacon
kill all the pigs before they flee near Pueblo del Norte
No one escapes No one escapes
Kill all the Banditos running from Poncho Bob
5* 5*
Reach a 5 star wanted level in co-op freeroam. “Now that’s hard”, Bestio.