Wild Animal Racing Achievement List

Rosette Rosette
For coming first in a race
Gold in World Tour Gold in World Tour
Overall medal in world tour
Completion! Completion!
Completed a race
Forsight of the giraffe! Forsight of the giraffe!
For winning gold as a giraffe!
Resolve of the hippo! Resolve of the hippo!
For winning gold as a hippo!
Strength of the rhino! Strength of the rhino!
For winning gold as a rhino!
Memory of the elephant! Memory of the elephant!
For winning gold as an elephant!
Stealth of the zebra! Stealth of the zebra!
For winning gold as a zebra!
Courage of the lion! Courage of the lion!
For winning gold as a lion!
Gold and Silver Gold and Silver
Two players come first and second in a split screen race.
Gold in Magical Gold in Magical
Overall medal in Magical races.
Gold on the Roads Gold on the Roads
Overall medal on the roads!
Gold on rally Gold on rally
Overall medal for rally driving!
All in the eyes! All in the eyes!
Secret easteregg uncovered!
Movie madness! Movie madness!
Unlocked a movie!