Whisper of a Rose Achievement List

Bit... err, Witchslap! Bit… err, Witchslap!
Defeat your nemesis.
Cutting off the Strings Cutting off the Strings
Defeat the Merinthophobius.
Ding Dong..! Ding Dong..!
Defeat Lisetrix.
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer
Defeat the Green Dragon.
Fallen Angel Fallen Angel
Defeat the Iron Angel.
Ghoulish Guests Ghoulish Guests
Defeat Lenin Levious.
Needle-sharp Needle-sharp
Defeat Thom Toxicas.
Not Funny, Clown Not Funny, Clown
Defeat Coulroz.
The Cat's Out The Cat’s Out
Defeat Mr. Purr.
Through the Portal Through the Portal
Defeat the Portal Demon.
Christina's Legacy Christina’s Legacy
Team up with Christina.
Diamond's Determination Diamond’s Determination
Team up with Diamond.
Hellena's Here Hellena’s Here
Team up with Hellena.
Arrr, Booty Abound! Arrr, Booty Abound!
Acquire the rich treasures of the Pirate Cove.
Aspiring Writer Aspiring Writer
Return Lady Yasmine’s novel.
Awakening the Dragon Awakening the Dragon
Receive Wravyn’s summoning magic.
Beautiful Balladeer Beautiful Balladeer
Retrieve all of Lady Anatta’s broadcasting frequencies.
Beyond the Dreams Beyond the Dreams
Travel through the Dream Door.
Cha-a-a-a-arlie's Gone Cha-a-a-a-arlie’s Gone
Travel through Candy Mountain.
Cupido's Magical Helper Cupido’s Magical Helper
Receive Cupido’s summoning magic.
Disaster Averted Disaster Averted
Save Kairo from falling down to earth.
Fetch This, Fetch That Fetch This, Fetch That
Retrieve all 3 items for Amagdyla.
Happy Anniversary Happy Anniversary
Give a wedding ring to a woman in Lekora.
Holy Ground Holy Ground
Restore the two broken vases in the Aztec Temple.
Home, Bittersweet Home Home, Bittersweet Home
Return home after completing your tasks.
Humpty Dumpty Humpty Dumpty
Receive Humpty Houdini’s summoning magic.
Letters from Ghosts Letters from Ghosts
Deliver Naylie’s letter.
Lost Love Lost Love
Free the spirit of Ellen’s past love.
Master of the Trade Master of the Trade
Complete all of Kairo’s Trade Center quests.
Mirrorcle Master Mirrorcle Master
Win all of the prizes with the Mirrorcle Caves reflection mini-game.
Our Hero! Our Hero!
Rescue Diamond’s ladybug family.
Pan's Song Pan’s Song
Receive Pan’s summoning magic.
Puppeteer Puppeteer
Receive Pinoch’s summoning magic.
Skool's Out Skool’s Out
Travel through Montas College in the dream world.
The Eye of Fire The Eye of Fire
Retrieve a Lava Golem’s Eye for a fire mage at Vestyrka.
The Genie in the Bottle The Genie in the Bottle
Receive Genie’s summoning magic.
The Queen's Gift The Queen’s Gift
Receive Queen Ayumi’s summoning magic.
The Way to Stardom The Way to Stardom
Receive magic of the Fairy Godmother’s companion, Star.
The Witch's Aid The Witch’s Aid
Help out a witch in Vestyrka.
To the Moon To the Moon
Travel to the Lady of the Moon.
To the Sky To the Sky
Travel to Kairo, the market city in the sky.
Excalibur Excalibur
Acquire Excalibur.
RPG Rules RPG Rules
Acquire the Ancient Weapon.
Spirit Guide Spirit Guide
Aid the Death in guiding six lost souls.
The Sagittarius The Sagittarius
Acquire the Sagittarius Bow.
No Journey's End No Journey’s End
Defeat the Virginitiphobius, freeing Melrose’s dream world from fear and pain.
Novice Eraser Novice Eraser
Defeat 10 enemies.
Skilled Eraser Skilled Eraser
Defeat 100 enemies.
Champion Eraser Champion Eraser
Defeat 250 enemies.
Street Angel Street Angel
Play the game for 1 hour.
Dream Traveler Dream Traveler
Play the game for 15 hours.
Never-ending Road Never-ending Road
Play the game for 30 hours.
Twice the Champion! Twice the Champion!
Finish the game on New Journey+.