What’s under your blanket !? Achievement List

Kick the cat away Kick the cat away
The cat does not disturb
Turn back the granny Turn back the granny
The grandfather does not disturb
Madam nurse, get out, please Madam nurse, get out, please
The nurse no longer interferes
Fire safety Fire safety
Firemen have not entered the room
Law abiding citizen Law abiding citizen
Policemen have not entered the room
The Champion The Champion
Defeat all your enemies
Burn the blanket Burn the blanket
Make the fire
Breaking bed Breaking bed
Break the bed down
The woodcutter The woodcutter
he christmas tree nearly falled
Caught red-handed Caught red-handed
Parents saw what you were doing
Liquidate the muscled man Liquidate the muscled man
The muscled man no longer interferes
Goodbye Santa Goodbye Santa
The Santa no longer interferes
Irresistible Irresistible
Succeed to make the X5
Tyrion Lannister Tyrion Lannister
You failed your first battle