Western Press Achievement List

Cangratulations Cangratulations
Beat level 1 of the Skill Tester
High spirits High spirits
Beat level 2 of the Skill Tester
Tomahawk ground Tomahawk ground
Beat level 3 of the Skill Tester
Mass murder Mass murder
Beat level 4 of the Skill Tester
Blaze of glory Blaze of glory
Beat level 5 of the Skill Tester
Being civil Being civil
Beat level 6 of the Skill Tester
No refunds No refunds
Beat level 7 of the Skill Tester
The quick The quick
Beat level 8 of the Skill Tester
Hell's coming with you Hell’s coming with you
Beat level 9 of the Skill Tester
A grave matter A grave matter
Watch the epilogue
The weight is over The weight is over
Win a match of Memory Mode
Child's play Child’s play
Don’t get shot in a tournament with 8 or more competitors
Behold, a pale horse Behold, a pale horse
Win a 16 competitor tournament
Curly Bill Curly Bill
Win 10 duels
Butch Cassidy Butch Cassidy
Win 25 duels
Jesse James Jesse James
Win 50 duels
Billy the Kid Billy the Kid
Win 100 duels
Don't believe his lies Don’t believe his lies
Remember a 10 button combo in Memory Mode
Bourne again Bourne again
Remember a 15 button combo in Memory Mode
Qantas never crashed Qantas never crashed
Remember a 20 button combo in Memory Mode
Spit the dummy Spit the dummy
Hide a character in the spittoon
Free subscription Free subscription
Subscribe to a Workshop character
Sightseer Sightseer
Subscribe to a Workshop environment
Telegraph Telegraph
Play an online match