Weather Lord: Following the Princess Collector’s Edition Achievement List

Expert woodcutter Expert woodcutter
Collect wood 20000
Superior treasurer Superior treasurer
Collect gold 15000
Skilled farmer Skilled farmer
Collect food 40000
Gems expert Gems expert
Collect gems 10000
Gifted forester Gifted forester
Use the sawmill 500
Magnificent miner Magnificent miner
Use the forge 200
Marvelous miller Marvelous miller
Use the grain mill 300
Talented jeweler Talented jeweler
Use the jewelry shop 150
Superb architect Superb architect
Build buildings 200
Moving forward Moving forward
Remove obstacles 400
Ace treasure hunter Ace treasure hunter
Find artifacts 18
Righteous anger Righteous anger
Defeat enemies 300
Nerves of steel Nerves of steel
Complete every level with a gold medal 59
Boss man Boss man
Hire workers 150
Lord of luminescence Lord of luminescence
Use the sun 300
Rain master Rain master
Use rain 400
Lord of the Wind Lord of the Wind
Use wind 300
Friend of fairies Friend of fairies
Use the rainbow 50
Thunder king Thunder king
Use the thunderstorm 100
Mr. Twister Mr. Twister
Use the tornado 100
Experienced forester Experienced forester
For gathering wood on a level 1000
Able farmer Able farmer
For gathering food on a level 1000
Outstanding miner Outstanding miner
For collecting gold on a level 1000
Master of crystals Master of crystals
For collecting gems on a the level 1000
Medal of courage Medal of courage
For defeating the enemies on a level 40
Master of light Master of light
Use the sun while playing a level 25
Master of wind Master of wind
Use wind while playing a level 25
Master of water Master of water
Use water while playing a level 25
Master of rainbows Master of rainbows
Use the rainbow while playing a level 12
Master of tornados Master of tornados
Use the tornado while playing a level 20
Master of lightning Master of lightning
Use the thunderstorm while playing a level 20
Landscape designer Landscape designer
Demolish the buildings 60
Ghost hunter Ghost hunter
Defeat the ghosts 100
Cure for sadness Cure for sadness
Cure the fairies 50
Brotherhood of the wind Brotherhood of the wind
Defeat the goblins 100
Clean the bridges Clean the bridges
Defeat the trolls 50
The power of Earth The power of Earth
Defeat the golems 50
The savior of forests The savior of forests
Dry up the swamp 120
The defensive line The defensive line
Charge the tower 50
Lucky man Lucky man
Use a bonus 300