Water Bears VR Achievement List

One small step One small step
You completed Puzzle Pack 1
One giant leap One giant leap
You solved Challenge Pack 1
Two for the show Two for the show
You completed Puzzle Pack 2
Doubling up Doubling up
You solved Challenge Pack 2
The magic number The magic number
You completed Puzzle Pack 3
One! Two! Five! (Three, Sir!) One! Two! Five! (Three, Sir!)
You solved Challenge Pack 3
The four-gone conclusion The four-gone conclusion
You completed Puzzle Pack 4
Into the sunset Into the sunset
You solved Challenge Pack 4
A straight shot A straight shot
Main puzzle packs completed
Unstoppable Unstoppable
All Challenge Packs solved
You complete me You complete me
The entire game has been solved!
There's no place like Home There’s no place like Home
Your first trip to Home Island