Waste Walkers Achievement List

In the Beginning In the Beginning
Begin your adventure.
True Waste Walker True Waste Walker
Use the unique Waste Walkers skin.
Corrosive Supporter Corrosive Supporter
Complete the quest line for Corrosion.
Loyal Companion Loyal Companion
Recruit Nadia.
Home Sweet Home Home Sweet Home
Return home.
Arena Champion Arena Champion
Compete in the arena and become the champion.
Prepper Prepper
Complete the tutorial.
Tough Tough
Create a character with the “Tough” trait.
Nimble Nimble
Create a character with the “Nimble” trait.
Aggressive Aggressive
Create a character with the “Aggressive” trait.
Focused Focused
Create a character with the “Focused” trait.
Mobile Home Mobile Home
Use a sleeping bag.
Radiated Radiated
Get sick with radiation sickness.
Suicide Suicide
Lose all morale with a character.
Cannibal Cannibal
Eat rotten flesh.
Rad Away Rad Away
Use anti radiation drugs.
Pure Pure
Purify water with a filtration system.
The End The End
Lose all hit points with a character.
Water Works Water Works
Help the scientists create an improved mobile water filtration system.
The Hive The Hive
Help the scientists take care of the gore fly hive.
Crafty Crafty
Gain access to the crafting schematics shop.
Corrosion Corrosion
Meet Corrosion.
Fire Hazard Fire Hazard
Encounter the “Flare” anomaly.
Shocker Shocker
Encounter the “Surge” anomaly.
Scavenger Scavenger
Recruit Kara.
Bandit Bandit
Recruit Fiend.
Survivor Survivor
Recruit Thorne.
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter
Recruit Jackal.
Soldier Soldier
Recruit Dusty.
Mercenary Mercenary
Recruit Bastion.
Monster Hunter Monster Hunter
Recruit Seeker.
New Veil New Veil
Enter New Veil.
Free Haven Free Haven
Enter Free Haven.
Safe Hold Safe Hold
Enter Safe Hold.
Hope is Last to Die Hope is Last to Die
Complete the main storyline.
Ghost Buster Ghost Buster
Kill the “Specter” mutant.
Imp Catcher Imp Catcher
Kill the “Imp” mutant.
Demon Slayer Demon Slayer
Kill the “Demon” mutant.
Compelled Compelled
Kill the “Compeller” mutant.
Death Stare Death Stare
Kill the “Watcher” mutant.
First Clue First Clue
Find your first clue about your family’s location.
Mine Now Mine Now
Loot another survivor’s stash.
Stung Stung
Kill the “Stinger” mutant.
Tunnel Runner Tunnel Runner
Explore the tunnels beneath Ashen City.
Pit Fighter Pit Fighter
Gain access to the arena.
Future of Mankind Future of Mankind
“Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.” – JFK
Grave Robbers Grave Robbers
Kill the leader of the grave robbers.
Psychotic Psychotic
Kill the psychotic murderer.
Hero Hero
Rescue the hostages at the Small-Mart.
Bystander Bystander
Watch what happens to the hostages at the Small-Mart.
Urban Chaos Urban Chaos
Access Ashen City.
Ghoul Ville Ghoul Ville
Eliminate the ghoul infestation in the South neighborhood.
When it all Began When it all Began
Play Waste Walkers on the day Corrosive Studios was founded. (September 20)
Sweet Release Sweet Release
Play Waste Walkers on the day it was released. (June 1)
Gamer Gamer
Enter the arcade.
Dark Dealings Dark Dealings
Gain access to the black market.
Eternal Punishment Eternal Punishment
Kill the ghoul prisoner in the jail.
Clouded Clouded
Encounter the “Mist” anomaly.
Home of Our Own Home of Our Own
Start a new colony.
Together Again Together Again
Reunite with your family.
The Wait is Over The Wait is Over
Play Waste Walkers on the day it was fully released. (December 1)
Screw - You Screw – You
Play the Waste Walkers Deliverance DLC.
Deliverance - Act I Deliverance – Act I
Complete Act I of the Deliverance DLC.
Deliverance - Act II Deliverance – Act II
Complete Act II of the Deliverance DLC.
Deliverance - Act III Deliverance – Act III
Complete Act III of the Deliverance DLC.
Suburban Turmoil Suburban Turmoil
Access the Town of Fair Place in the Deliverance DLC.
All Mine All Mine
Access your personal footlocker in the Deliverance DLC.
Much Needed Rest Much Needed Rest
Access your bed in the Deliverance DLC.
Scientist Scientist
Play the Waste Walkers Awareness DLC.
Archivist Archivist
Use the computer in the Awareness DLC.
Chemist Chemist
Use the chemical station in the Awareness DLC.
Hardware Hero Hardware Hero
Kill the bandits inside the hardware store in the Deliverance DLC.
Tag Team Tag Team
Recruit Anika in the Deliverance DLC.
Wardrobe Wardrobe
Change your outfit in the Deliverance DLC.
Land Lord Land Lord
Kill the ravagers in the Deliverance DLC.
Defending Tranquility Defending Tranquility
Defend Tranquil Point in the Deliverance DLC.
Deliverance Deliverance
Complete the Deliverance DLC.
Descent Into Darkness Descent Into Darkness
Descend into darkness in the Deliverance DLC.