Wasps! Achievement List

Cleaning up! Cleaning up!
100 Enemies killed!
Hitman! Hitman!
500 Enemies killed!
This is War! This is War!
1000 Enemies killed!
Live and let die! Live and let die!
2000 Enemies killed!
Godlike! Godlike!
5000 Enemies killed!
Stress test! Stress test!
Made it for 5 minutes!
Sweating yet? Sweating yet?
Made it for 10 minutes!
Insane! Insane!
Made it for 15 minutes!
Hobbyist! Hobbyist!
Defended your house for 15 minutes in total!
Experienced killer! Experienced killer!
Defended your house for 30 minutes in total!
Exterminator! Exterminator!
Defended your house for 60 minutes in total!
Arch Enemy! Arch Enemy!
Defended your house for 120 minutes in total!
Flexible! Flexible!
Use 4 different weapons!
The Art of War! The Art of War!
Use 9 different weapons!
Axe swinging! Axe swinging!
Using your axe split 25 wasps in pieces!
Axe master! Axe master!
Split 100 wasps in pieces
Like Butter! Like Butter!
Cut 25 wasps with your chainsaw!
Carnage! Carnage!
Cut 100 wasps with your chainsaw!
Nicely trimmed! Nicely trimmed!
Shred 25 wasps!
Uncommon use! Uncommon use!
Shred 100 wasps!
Pinned! Pinned!
Pin 25 wasps with the nail pistol!
Carpenter! Carpenter!
Pin 100 wasps with the nail pistol!
Play time! Play time!
Shoot 25 wasps with the toy foam gun!
Inner child! Inner child!
Shoot 100 wasps with the toy foam gun!
Old school! Old school!
Cut 25 wasps with the scythe!
Grim Reaper! Grim Reaper!
Cut 100 wasps with the scythe!
Turtle! Turtle!
Block 25 wasps with the trash bin lid!
Sparta! Sparta!
Block 100 wasps with the trash bin lid!
Deluge! Deluge!
Drown 25 wasps!
Waterboarding! Waterboarding!
Drown 100 wasps!
Gardening! Gardening!
Dig 25 wasp graves!
Grave digger! Grave digger!
Dig 100 wasp graves!