Warlocks vs Shadows Achievement List

Magician's Training Magician’s Training
Finish the tutorial
Kill Fallen Angel Kill Fallen Angel
Kill boss of the Greenlands
Kill Prototype M3-CH4 Kill Prototype M3-CH4
Kill boss of the Industrial Wasteland
Kill Spirit Stone Kill Spirit Stone
Kill boss of the Swampland
Kill Skeleton Bros Kill Skeleton Bros
Kill bosses of the Frozen Lake
Kill Broodmother Kill Broodmother
Kill boss of the Shadow World
Patient Patient
Do not skip credits
Shadow Ranger Shadow Ranger
Deal 10k damage
Shadow Hunter Shadow Hunter
Deal 50k damage
Shadow Slayer Shadow Slayer
Deal 100k damage
Shadow Eleminator Shadow Eleminator
Deal 500k damage
Shadow REKTer Shadow REKTer
Deal 1 milion damage
Apprentice Apprentice
Cast 1k spells
Adept Adept
Cast 5k spells
Wizard Wizard
Cast 10k spells
Warlock Warlock
Cast 20k spells
Archmage Archmage
Cast 50k spells
Collector Collector
Open all chests
Perfect run Perfect run
Finish without deaths
Duelist Duelist
Play 10 duels
Arena Champion Arena Champion
Play every Warlock