Warlock’s Citadel Achievement List

Monster Smasher Monster Smasher
Kill 1000 monsters.
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter
Find a secret room.
Another hero in the row Another hero in the row
Unlock any hero class.
Armored and ready Armored and ready
Equip any complete item set.
Faded gold Faded gold
Defeat the Golden Guardian.
De-Hydration De-Hydration
Defeat the Hydra.
Take the bull by the horns Take the bull by the horns
Defeat the Minotaur.
Lonely Wolf Lonely Wolf
Finish the game but fail to find the princess.
Undefeatable Undefeatable
Receive 10000 damage in one game.
It happens It happens
Spend all continues.
Wise or thrifty? Wise or thrifty?
Collect 100 spheres of knowledge.
Dragon Lord Dragon Lord
Equip complete Dragon Garb.
Reign of Darkness Reign of Darkness
Accept demon’s offer.
Here is the Princess! Here is the Princess!
Find the Princess.
Degustator Degustator
Drink all kinds of potion and remember it.
Path of the Knight Path of the Knight
Save all characters.
Dodger Dodger
Evade 100 attacks.
Hidden in Shadows Hidden in Shadows
Finish a level without being attacked.
Barbarian-style Barbarian-style
Kill 1000 monsters with axe.
Like a Paladin Like a Paladin
Equip complete Paladin Garb.
Pedantic Adventurer Pedantic Adventurer
Visit all rooms on 10 levels.
Sword of Fire Sword of Fire
Equip the Ifrit Saber.
Dungeon picnic Dungeon picnic
Finish the game in easy mode.
Easy way is not an option! Easy way is not an option!
Finish the game in normal mode.
Die hard Die hard
Finish the game in hardcore mode.
Control the beast Control the beast
Don’t use any rage powered skills.
Eye of the eagle Eye of the eagle
Kill 1000 monsters with bow and arrows.
Necromancer Necromancer
Summon 200 zombies.
Tame the Fire Tame the Fire
Kill 500 monsters by fireball.
Deadly ice Deadly ice
Kill 500 monsters by Frost Nova
Atonement Atonement
Purify 100 monsters by Retribution.
Bloodlust Bloodlust
Kill 100 monsters by Killer skill.