Wargame: European Escalation Achievement List

Another Brick in the Wall/The Wall Another Brick in the Wall/The Wall
Complete first BRUDER GEGEN BRUDER mission.
Redcoats Redcoats
Complete second BRUDER GEGEN BRUDER mission.
Hell’s Highway Hell’s Highway
Complete third BRUDER GEGEN BRUDER mission.
The Bear awakes The Bear awakes
Complete fourth BRUDER GEGEN BRUDER mission.
The Peacemaker The Peacemaker
Complete fifth BRUDER GEGEN BRUDER mission.
Dabrowski’s Legions Dabrowski’s Legions
Complete first DABROWSKI’S MAZURKA mission.
Raider Raider
Complete second DABROWSKI’S MAZURKA mission.
Oil War Oil War
Complete third DABROWSKI’S MAZURKA mission.
Hamburger Hill Hamburger Hill
Complete fourth DABROWSKI’S MAZURKA mission.
The Great Escape The Great Escape
Complete fifth DABROWSKI’S MAZURKA mission.
The Hunter The Hunter
Complete sixth DABROWSKI’S MAZURKA mission.
Blackhorse Blackhorse
Complete first ABLE ARCHER mission.
Feuer Frei! Feuer Frei!
Complete second ABLE ARCHER mission.
You won’t have Alsace-Lorraine You won’t have Alsace-Lorraine
Complete third ABLE ARCHER mission.
Deterrence Theory Deterrence Theory
Complete fourth ABLE ARCHER mission.
Warlord Warlord
Complete first WASTELAND mission.
Civil War Civil War
Complete second WASTELAND mission.
Bridge over troubled Water Bridge over troubled Water
Complete third WASTELAND mission.
The Hammer The Hammer
Complete fourth WASTELAND mission.
The Anvil The Anvil
Complete fifth WASTELAND mission.
Stranglehold Stranglehold
Complete sixth WASTELAND mission.
Dr. Strangelove Dr. Strangelove
Complete seventh WASTELAND mission.
Fratricide Fratricide
Complete first NATO operation.
Mazurka Dancer Mazurka Dancer
Complete first WARSAW PACT operation.
Hero of the West Hero of the West
Complete all NATO operations.
Hero of the Soviet Union Hero of the Soviet Union
Complete all WARSAW PACT operations.
Cold Warrior Cold Warrior
Complete all operations.
Imperialist Imperialist
Unlock all NATO units.
Stakhanovist Stakhanovist
Unlock all WARSAW PACT units.