Warden: Melody of the Undergrowth Achievement List

Falling Far From The Tree Falling Far From The Tree
Become seperated from the Emperor
An Apparition Audience An Apparition Audience
Speak to Nyona
A Friend In Need A Friend In Need
Meet the Bark Clan trailblazer, Scout
Time Is Money Time Is Money
Meet the Old Hoarder
Is a Friend Indeed Is a Friend Indeed
Rescue the Bark Clan Shaman
Factorum Facilitated Factorum Facilitated
Destroy the Crystal in the Factorum
Grove Governed Grove Governed
Destroy the Crystal in the Forest Grove
Pyramid Pacified Pyramid Pacified
Destroy the Crystal in the Buried Pyramid
Climb Calling Climb Calling
Open the Gatehouse to the Climb
Novice Collector Novice Collector
Collect a total of 100 individual motes
Keen-eyed Collector Keen-eyed Collector
Collect a total of 500 individual motes
Master Collector Master Collector
Collect a total of 2000 individual motes
Juiced Up Juiced Up
Collect your first Health Crystal
Growing Pains Growing Pains
Collect 5 Health Crystals
Red and Ready Red and Ready
Collect all 15 Health Crystals
Combat Novice Combat Novice
Best 10 enemies in combat
Combat Adept Combat Adept
Best 50 enemies in combat
Combat Expert Combat Expert
Best 100 enemies in combat
Flora Fighter Flora Fighter
Best 20 plant enemies
Polto Poker Polto Poker
Best 30 Tusk Clan Polto
Mudman Master Mudman Master
Best 15 Mudmen
Soldier Sapper Soldier Sapper
Best 15 Meretian Soldiers
Skeleton Slayer Skeleton Slayer
Best 30 Tsarr
Diversion Strategy Diversion Strategy
Stun an enemy with a Warden Power
Puzzlesmith Puzzlesmith
Solve your first Riddle
Puzzlewizard Puzzlewizard
Solve 3 Riddles
Puzzlemaster Puzzlemaster
Solve all 8 Riddles
The Patient Preacher The Patient Preacher
Unlock Warden Form Medeira
The Jaded Firebrand The Jaded Firebrand
Unlock Warden Form Bitt
The Heir Apparent The Heir Apparent
Unlock Tavian’s Sling
Fully Armed and Operational Fully Armed and Operational
Equip weapons in all 3 weapon slots
She Cannae Take Any More She Cannae Take Any More
Wear out a weapon until it breaks
Carry a Big Stick Carry a Big Stick
Equip a tier 3 weapon
Invest In The Best Invest In The Best
Purchase a weapon costing at least 150 motes
That Still Counts That Still Counts
Defeat a Polto by knocking them off a ledge
Try and Try Again Try and Try Again
Get slain in combat
Bright Souls Bright Souls
Light 5 campfires
Voices In Your Head Voices In Your Head
Have a conversation with another Warden’s ghost
Lore Student Lore Student
Collect your first Lore Log
Lore Graduate Lore Graduate
Collect 10 Lore Logs
Lore-d And Saviour Lore-d And Saviour
Collect all 27 Lore Logs
Screw This Screw This
Solve the puzzle in the Sewer Adjunct
Fully Illuminated Fully Illuminated
Light 5 braziers in one level